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Corporate Services Overview

Pardini & Asociados's mission is to provide corporate services to our clients at an efficient level and on a global context, assisting them to achieve their business and financial objectives.

In this respect, our services cover the complete corporate range which is normally required by international business entities in order to satisfy their statutory obligations and to carry on their business in an efficient way in accordance with their priorities. 

Our customers, who may include law firms, banks, trusts companies, businesses, entrepreneurs, private individuals, expatriates and their families, or corporations ranging from small private companies to large international groups, can make use of our specialized services which suit their particular needs.

Setting up the optimal group structure for a client may involve the incorporation of new companies in one or more international business jurisdictions, or the re-domiciliation of existing companies from one location to another, or the formation of branches and/or representative offices around the world. The structure may also involve the formation of one or more foundations or trusts.

The realization of the group structure often requires our assistance in setting up offices, or the provision of virtual office facilities, opening of bank accounts with reputable banks and liaising with them for relevant banking services. The process may involve the raising of finance and the acquisition of properties for business or residential purposes. As an alternative, clients may prefer to use, either on a temporary or on a more permanent basis, our own office and business meetings facilities.

Once the group structure has been formed, we may continue our assistance by providing  company secretarial, management and business administration services.

In conclusion, Pardini & Asociados is a "One-Stop-Shop" where clients may receive the full range of services, giving a Complete Solution for all their requirements in relation to their companies.

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