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Panama could consolidate itself as a hub in Business Process Outsourcing

Posted on 2022-09-06


The Panamanian Government seeks to consolidate Panama as a hub in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and for that it is working to attract companies dedicated to this sector.

According to Antonio Pérez, general manager of EULEN, since BPO has a greater role among large and medium-sized companies in Panama, telecommunications companies, multinational corporations, universities, banks and financial services companies are the ones that are most demanding outsourcing. of business processes.

“The BPO allows the company to focus mainly on the business, and not consume human and financial resources in other areas that are not strategic for its main activity. In this way, greater performance is achieved by avoiding unnecessary distractions,” Pérez explained.

He added that in the country, EULEN Panama offers document digitization services, production centers with high treatment capacities, quality controls, secure documentation destruction, BackOffice service, information processing and commercial offer proposals, among others. .

“It is a fairly expanded service in some areas, but with great potential to grow in others. It is widely used by companies that want to maximize the efficiency of their operations and save on resources, such as personnel, physical space and equipment,” said Pérez.

For the manager of EULEN, Panama having some business processes outsourced generates benefits for companies, for example, having professionals, experts and specialists in specific areas or processes of the organization helps to optimize time and resources.

In addition, companies that hire BPO services gain specialization in critical areas that are essential for the business to function properly.

On the other hand, through BPOs, higher quality is obtained in the processes, and being strategic, clearer objectives and efficient actions are set to meet them.

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