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Outsourcing logistics service grows in Panama

Posted on 2022-07-11

The outsourcing of in-house logistics services in the country is growing, especially in those sectors that have a logistics process in their supply chain, as explained by Antonio Pérez, general manager of Grupo EULEN in Panama.

The global logistics sector has faced great challenges in the last two years due to factors such as the pandemic, the container crisis, oil prices, the war between Russia and Ukraine; causing a great economic impact on companies that end up looking for ways to generate savings in their logistics costs.

Pérez affirms that the increase in inflation has generated that the entire logistics process, including security, is not seen as an investment but as an expense added to the increase in prices in the sector.

In Panama, the performance and efficiency of the maritime-logistic-port sector are decisive for the country to remain competitive as a global logistics hub, and security plays an important role in this dynamic.

“Panama is a hub both in the region and at the macro level. It is one of the strategic points at the level of the maritime routes, with an increase in both TEUs and the number of containers and metric tons distributed, both by the ports and by the Canal”, highlighted the executive.

The logistics sector, after the pandemic, is very important because it generates 200,000 direct and indirect jobs. Therefore, not having a good security system in logistics can generate many consequences that affect the business. One of them is the collapse of the operation due to having a bad cybercrime control system.

Pérez commented that outsourcing the management and comprehensive execution of internal logistics business processes generates a series of competitive advantages for companies because they can dedicate resources to their core business and have greater efficiency and effectiveness in logistics tasks. outsourced.

“All sectors of the economy ranging from manufacturing, retail, direct sales, telecommunications, agri-food, among others; They require the support of a specialized company that manages the ancillary activities of their production processes and those of the supply chain,” Pérez assured.

Meanwhile, through in-house logistics outsourcing, companies can reduce costs, increase productivity and align processes according to their objectives. They will also have the security of having an expert in the management of complex processes who will optimize them for their benefit using the most modern and robust techniques of service engineering.

Source: ANP News

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