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Cement Plant Expansion Planned

Posted on 2019-08-15

Cemento Argos Panama plans to invest about $168 million in the construction of an industrial complex that will serve for the production of Clinker, which will be located on the property of the company's plant in the province of Colon.
Argos Panamá, S.A. presented to the Ministry of Environment the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) to develop the industrial project called "Balboa Project."
The project consists of the production of Clinker for the Argos Panama Cement plant, through the installation of a production line in a polygon of approximately 18 hectares, located on the grounds of the Argos Cement Plant in Buena Vista, Province of Colon, through the adequacy of land, construction of operational buildings and the installation of equipment for the activities of limestone crushing, grinding of raw materials, production of Clinker and its transport by belts to silos where it will be stored for later use in cement production.
All equipment such as furnaces, vertical mills, crushers, filters, chimneys, conveyor belts, silos, calcinators, elevators and rakes, as well as tanks and pumps, required for the different processes of the Clinker manufacturing line, will be installed on site. The assembly of metal structures will also be carried out.
The development of the infrastructure of the Balboa Project will have an estimated investment that considers equipment, construction, engineering, consulting, external suppliers, legal costs and related taxes, of the order of $168 million.
Source: Central America Data

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