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Pilot plan for cargo movement from Panama-Pacific Airport to Tocumen

Posted on 2019-08-15

Customs officials, responsible for verifying the procedure, said the operation was registered with all success.
As a pilot plan, the cargo transit of the Panama-Pacific Airport to the cargo area of the Tocumen International Airport was carried out for the first time , which opens the compass so that the air terminal is promoted differently, since at the moment it was only used for the entry and exit of passengers.
The operation was staffed by the Administration of the Panama-Pacific Economic Air Zone and the Processes Group of the National Customs Authority of the logistics company BLAS (Balboa Logistics and Airport Services) operating in the Panama-Pacific Airport, staff of Tocumen International Airport , including Raffoul Arab, General Manager of Tocumen, SA
The new proposal intends to formally start as of August 2019, as a new management model that will promote the logistics development of the air terminal, which will lead to the increase in commercial transactions and boost economic growth in the country, through the public-private alliance, which goes hand in hand with what is proposed by the central government on this issue.
Source: Panama America

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