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Colon Free Trade Zone activity grows

Posted on 2018-03-28

The commercial movement in the Colon Free Trade Zone (CFTZ) in January amounted to $ 1,718.7 million, at 24.7% increase compared to January 2017, when the amount reached $ 1,378.5 million, the entity reported. Of the total movement of goods, $ 775.5 million correspond to imports, while re-exports totaled $ 943.2 million. The records exceed $ 700.6 million in imports and $ 677.8 million in re-exports in the first month of 2016.

Alcoholic beverages and beers; pharmaceutical and medicinal products; product lines of sound and computer media; footwear; gold and precious metal jewelry; perfumery, cosmetics, toothpastes and others; and cigarettes were some of the imported products. On the other hand, in the reexports stand out the alcoholic beverages and beers; pharmaceutical and medicinal products; radio broadcasting devices, television, wireless telecommunicators and other devices; artificial synthetic fiber, perfumery, cosmetics, toothpaste, cigarettes and other products.

The manager of CFTZ, Manuel Grimaldo, highlighted that the imported merchandise comes from markets such as Singapore, China, United States and Mexico, while re-exports were destined for Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and United States. Grimaldo stressed that one of the objectives of the free zone is to open up to new markets and continue to take advantage of existing ones.


Source: La Prensa

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