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Panama: Certified by Guinness World Records

Posted on 2018-01-22

The Guinness World Records organization, universally recognized authority on documenting the world records, gave Panama certified as a holder of the "the world's largest ship register", with more than 8 thousand ships, which represent about 18% of the world's maritime fleet.

The authorities pointed out that it is the first time that gets this title of record, for which the number of ships with greater accuracy, was validated using various international sources who supported this decision.

"We have 100 years serving the world, promoting global maritime trade, promoting their comprehensive development. Reach this mark of excellence represents an appreciation for history, sample of a hard work, made with effort, sacrifice, very talented and much persistence, without a doubt, is a great pride for all Panamanians and our strategic partners at the global level", said the Minister for Maritime Affairs, Jorge Barakat Pitty.

The register of ships of Panama generates more than one billion dollars mortgage-backed and annually produces more than one million transactions of ships, it should be noted that one of the most significant numbers of a record is the average age of its fleet. On this basis, the lower average age is nine years and belongs to bulk vessels

Users of the register, have benefited through the expedition online technical certificates, which can be printed in a way telematics and directly by the interested parties, thus streamlining processes by not having to scroll physically to nowhere. For next year, expected that existing certifications are incorporating in its entirety.

The Panama platform has estadão expanding, so far the 2017 was held the opening of 4 new offices technical documentation of ships (SEGUMAR) in strategic cities like: London, Manila, Dubai and recently in Houston - Texas, likewise is it effected the transfer of the Office Segumar New York, to the State of Florida, based in the city of Miami, in the United States of America (U.S.), joining in this way to the existing ones which are: Miami, Pireos, Istanbul, Singapore, Busan, Imabari , Seoul, Tokyo, and which is located at the headquarters in the city of Panama.

At the end of last month, during the 30th session of the Assembly of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), with 152 votes in favor, the Republic of Panama was reelected as a member in the category "A" of the Council, in this category only 10 countries are considered maritime powers, such as: the people's Republic of China, Japan, Italy, Greece, the Republic of Korea, Federation of Russia, Great Britain, Norway and the United States of America.

This year was also signed agreement on maritime cooperation with the people's Republic of China, in which Panama receives the status of "Most-favored nation", where registered Panamanian-flagged ships will receive preferential rates upon arrival to the ports of the people's Republic of China.


Source: AN Panama

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