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Bocas del Toro: Increased Tourism

Posted on 2017-11-09

2 to 5 November, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, one of the most popular tourist sites of Panama province recorded an approximate income of 6,400 people, of whom 5,914 arrived by sea and 486 by air, said Roger López, regional director of the Tourism Authority of Panama in Bocas del Toro.

Of this total, daily they set out in boats registered approximately 3,100 people towards the main islands of the archipelago and the rest moved by bus to Boca del Drago beach These tourists were mostly Panamanians and often visited destinations such as Cayo Zapatilla, Red Frog Beach (on Bastimentos Island), Isla Carenero and Playa La Estrella (in Isla Colon).

By day, the tour travelers chose included: Bahia Los Delfines-Cayo Coral-Cayo shoe; Red Frog Beach and bird Island (northern part of the island) - Playa La Estrella.

According to Lopez, most of the time a tourist to visit the Islands, in their three-day stay in Bocas, make a tour per day.

"The tourists when they arrive decide which tour want to do and where you want to go, although some travel agents have pre contracted those tour; "but it is very rare that people come to openings with Agency, most of the time is free choice, only Moor le hotel", explained.

This independence day weekend, travelers made tourism Beach and water activities, but mouths also offers other activities, such as bird watching and hiking in the mountains of Changuinola.


Source: AN Panama

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