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More Foreigners Workers Wanted in Panama

Posted on 2017-08-11

Entrepreneurs have proposed increasing the proportion of foreign personnel that can be legally contracted by companies operating in the country, from 15% to 20%.

Lack of personnel with the qualifications demanded by local companies and the multinationals that decide to settle in Panama is the main reason behind the proposal put forward by the business sector to authorize the hiring of more foreign staff.

Juan Gabriel González, president of the Panamaian Association of Company Executives (Apede), told that "... 15% of positions for technicians or foreign trusted personnel could be adjusted to 20% approximately, since it is preferable to make this adjustment so that companies can make use of it, than for them to fall in illegality because they do not have the capacity to contract foreigners."

"... Manuel Ferreira, director of economic affairs at the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama, said that what the country requires is a different migration policy, linked to attracting the talent that is required for the sectors that need it."


Source: Central America Data 

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