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Strategies for Boosting Exports

Posted on 2019-04-15

According to figures from the General Comptroller of the Republic, during last year Panama's foreign sales totaled $672 million, a figure 2% higher than the $660 million reported in 2017.

Although the Panamanian economy reported an increase in exports in 2018, the income is far from others reported by Central American countries, as is the case of Costa Rica and Guatemala, which last year each added about $11 billion in sales abroad.

Rosmer Jurado, president of the Panamanian Exporters Association (Apex), told that "... in FTAs 'we have to give ourselves our place as a country and encourage that if we comply with international regulations we can achieve that our products have a reciprocal treatment."

Jurado added that "... When we see what Panama exports, we see that it has a limited exportable offer, since it exports around 400 products while Costa Rica exports 2,500 products.

Source CetralAmericaData 

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