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ATP: Unique Promotion of Panama in American countries

Posted on 2017-04-28

A promotional campaign with videos and online banners on the contrasts of the Panama destination for vacations were launched this month by the Panama Tourism Authority and Copa Airlines in the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. The campaign, which consists of two videos and eight banners, is focused on 5 strategic pillars: city, shopping, nature, history and beach. It will be advertised in digital media, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards and cinema, in different pages, magazine and video onboard "Panorama of the Americas", roll ups and flyers in main points Of ticket sales.
The target market for this campaign is people between 25 and 55 years of age with purchasing power from the cities of Chicago and Los Angeles in the United States; Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, in Brazil; Mexico DF; And Bogota, Medellín and Calí, in Colombia. The video "Panama en 360º" in two minutes invites the public to explore the unique contrasts of the country with images of Panama City, Casco Viejo, Playa Blanca, Cinta Costera, Gamboa, Mall, San Blas, "As they live" With the ambient sounds characteristic of these places. In addition, it presents the opportunity to know in Panama both the Pacific (Buenaventura) and the Atlantic (San Blas).
The banners also show these same contrasts, but focusing on what most travelers like in each country: Brazil (Mall / City, Casco Viejo / San Blas and City / Nature / Old Panama); Colombia (San Blas / City at dusk and at night); Mexico (Channel / City, Nature / City) and United States (Casco Viejo / Fun). Meanwhile, the video "Only in Panama" presents all the activities that the tourist can do in the country "All in one day", from diving in a swimming pool on top of a skyscraper or the turquoise waters of San Blas, Do sports in Cinta Costera, nightlife in the city, a walk in the middle of nature, to enjoy the Pacific Coast, snorkel or know the culture.
This promotion has the objective of continuing to position the image of Panama as a tourist destination, generate greater traffic of visitors and increase hotel occupancy.


Source: Panama America

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