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International Event on Quality Standards in Tourism

Posted on 2017-04-25

From a statement issued by the Tourism Authority of Panama:

From May 22 to 27 Panama will be hosting the twelfth plenary meeting of the ISOTC228 Committee on Tourism and Related Services, an organization that aims to ensure the quality of tourism internationally. Last year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Panama managed to obtain the votes for hosting this committee in 2017, in which Argentina, France and Trinidad and Tobago also showed interest.

Given this commitment, Panama is organizing this event, which is presented as an opportunity to show the world-class "gurus" what our country has to offer in tourism, highlighting the quality of Tourism Quality and Culture. The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), Zoraya Alderete.

"It is an important commitment that opens the door for Panama to be projected as the country of the great connection," with advanced communication services and people prepared to attend with professionalism, warmth and respect to the tourists, said Alderete.

ISOT 228 meets once a year for a period of one week with the majority of work groups integrated by countries around the world, in order to exchange updated information on tourism and strategies.

Countries like Malaysia, France, Thailand, Spain, Argentina, Cameroon, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, among others, are actively contributing knowledge about this industry to this international organization.

"It is a valuable opportunity for countries to catch up on the story and standardization of international tourism," he said.

Panama has been a member of this committee since 2012, at the request of ISOTC228, to recognize that since 2011 the Panamanian tourism quality certification system has been made public, winning the prize for excellence during the International Tourism Fair (FITUR), in Madrid, Spain, that same year. According to Alderete, Panama is a company with its own system that is glimpsed in the eyes of experts, who are in search of new tourist destinations, offering quality in the presentation of their services.

This organization has membership types: o member (observer member) and P member (participating member). Panama is in the participating country category.


Source: Central America Data

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