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Colon Free Zone: Activity continues upwards

Posted on 2018-10-24

In the first nine months of the year, the commercial activity of the Panamanian free zone exceeded $ 16,000 million, 10% more than what was registered in the same period of 2017.

In line with the figures reported between January and September of this year, as of October imports in the Colon Free Zone (FTA) totaled $ 7,622 million, and re-exports amounted to $ 8,464 million, exceeding 10.4% and 10, 3% registered in the first three quarters of 2017, respectively. 

Regarding the growth of commercial activity, Daniel Rojas, president of the Association of Users of the ZLC, told that "... 'Obviously, there is an increase in the commercial movement (re-exports and imports) of the free zone, "but it is a very focused growth in three industries: pharmaceutical, telecommunications and technology. These three areas are showing their face for the ZLC, because the logistic hub that is developed here in the area is used. 

Manuel Grimaldo , manager of ZLC said that" ... 'When we arrived at the administration, a year ago, we found the ZLC in red, we came from a free fall for the debt of Venezuela and the issue of the tariff dispute with Colombia. We focus on strengthening a marketing strategy abroad, we are able to sign agreements with international chambers of commerceand with the local tour operators'. "


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