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Panama: Tour Chinese operators

Posted on 2018-09-12

In order to know the tourist destinations of the country and conduct rounds of negotiations with their counterparts, arrived on the country, this September 13, visit of about 10 operators in Beijing, capital of the People's Republic of China.

This is the first official contact with the operators, after the authorization of the Chinese government to start commercial operations with the 66 Panamanian companies type A (tour operators) that meets the requirements established in the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate group travel from China to Panama between both nations.

The visit of the operators is made up of Air China in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), which can be purchased on the eight-day trip that includes emblematic tourist sites of the capital city and the interior of the country.

Sandra Chan, in charge of the promotion of Panama for the Chinese market, said that it is the first time that these tourism companies are internationally recognized in the country, stories such as: CTRIP, CYTS and Beijing Universal Travel Service, among others, and that they are interested in doing business, knowing tourist places and the infrastructures in which the tourists that will come from China will lodge.

He stressed that the idea is that the operators are operators in China, especially, for which the negotiations of finances are carried out in the capital city, as well as in Bocas del Toro, Boquete (Chiriquí) and Chitré (Herrera) where they will also hold meetings with the tourism cameras of these regions.

The official said that the ATP is currently working on the promotion of the country's tourism products in the social networks of China Weibo and Wechat, which reach more than 768 million users per month. He added that he already has the VisitPanama website in China.

On Friday, September 14, at 8:00 in the morning, the first round of business was held with the 66 companies that have the opportunity to exhibit their products to attract and capture the Chinese market.

That same day, in the capital of the city, the representatives of the companies will be accompanied by a tour guide to the Miraflores Visitors Center and the Interoceanic Canal Museum of Panama. The tour also includes the Old Town of the capital of the city. Then they will meet with the directors of the National Chamber of Tourism of Panama (CAMTUR).

In Bocas del Toro, the Operadores tours met the waters of crystalline waters of Isla Colón and Isla Bastimento, as well as the quality of the lodging service offered in both destinations. In Boquete, Chiriqui, they will participate in the honey tour and the walk through the farms, where the coffee tours will take place tasting the coffee in a tasting, and craft beer. In the province of Herrera, in Chitré, a tour of towns and hotels was scheduled; In addition, they will know how to make the typical costume of Panamanian women and goldsmiths.

Back to the capital city, on September 19, he will make a trip through the Embera Quera community, where they will learn about their culture and traditional dances and the craftsmen will present their products. Then, in an expedition by boat through Lake Gatún, they will experience the crossing of the boats through the Canal and arrive at the Mono Island, where this contact with the flora and fauna of the place. The visit of the Chinese tour operators will culminate in the Biomuseo, in Amador.

According to the World Tourism Organization, China is the largest tourist market in the world and is ranked among the five countries with the highest rate of expenditure. The same organization points out that China shows a booming tourism sector: trips abroad have increased by 270% and it is forecast that by 2020 it will reach 200 million departures.

Source: AN Panama

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