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Colon Free Zone seeks to attract companies in Costa Rica

Posted on 2018-07-25

The free zone of Colon in their search for new markets put the sight in companies in Costa Rica, a country that has a trade with important Panama, representing his fifth partner. Today the economy of Costa Rica is growing at a rate of 3.8% and stands as the 5th trading partner of Panamanian exports, representing 5.3% of the same. The Manager of the Colon free zone (Panama) Manuel Grimaldo, offered to Costa Rican entrepreneurs opportunities to buy goods and settle in this Panamanian commercial Emporium.

During this first approach with 25 Costa Rican entrepreneurs from different sectors, the Manager of the largest in the Western hemisphere free trade zone, was accompanied by the Ambassador of Costa Rica in Panama Juany Leon Guzman, directors of the Chamber of Trade in Costa Rica and entrepreneurs. The Manager of the Panamanian free trade zone for this approach with entrepreneurs aims to offer interesting credit facilities that have Zolicol for buyers and significant benefits to settle in the area, either as a company User or represented.

It is important to note that the commercial dynamics can be seen that in Costa Rica from Panama imports pharmaceutical products, dominate it followed by machines, electrical recording and reproduction apparatus and parts thereof. Only to the first quarter of 2018 imports via Colon free zone reached the USD 43.4 million and USD 4168.3 million re-exports.

Meanwhile, to 2017 CFZ to Costa Rica total re-exports amounted to USD 4701.5 million and imports $27.9 million.

"As Central American country much motivates us to strengthen more the ties of business with Costa Rica, evaluate the possibility of developing annual forums where both entities promote their strengths to commercial sectors of Panama and Costa Rica. This camera carries out sectoral business, so we can be an important ally to boost re-exports to Costa Rica ", proposed the Manager. Zolicol statistics shows other important growth in the import of products such as shoes and similar articles, perfumery, jewelry, instruments and appliances of optics, photography or cinematography, measurement, control or precision machines, electrical recording and reproduction apparatus and parts thereof with among others.

Grimaldo said be convinced that you can reach to arrange important business with Costa Rican entrepreneurs this and the coming years "I am raising a dynamic win win, that both countries take advantage of this important trade relationship we have of" decades".

The Manager of this Panamanian commercial emporium that agglutinates to 2,649 companies and generating approximately 21 thousand jobs to Panamanians, has an aggressive and important agenda of international trade missions in countries such as Rep. Dominicana, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, the Caribbean and South America, which expects to have positive results at the end of 2018.


Source: AN Panama

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