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First Gas Shipment: AES Plant in Colon

Posted on 2018-07-18

The gas boat Provalys, docked at the dock of AES Colon, with the first shipment of natural gas for the operation of the power generation plant of this company. The ship was contracted for the execution of the commissioning tests of the power generation plant (preparation for the start of commercial operation) and belongs to Engie, the company in charge of providing natural gas to the project

The ship will be in the dock of AES Colon during a maximum of 45 days and later it will be replaced by the ship Gaselys, which has the same characteristics as Provalys. The project will maintain the use of a floating storage unit (gas ship) for a period of approximately one year, with an approximate stay of each vessel of a month and a half, after which it will be replaced by another vessel. "With the arrival of this first LNG ship, the Provalys, a milestone of great importance is fulfilled for the AES Colón project, which is progressing at a good pace towards the start of operations of the first-generation plant based on natural gas from Panama and Central America, which will be in the coming months, "said Miguel Bolinaga, president of AES in Panama

After the arrival of the boat, various preparation activities will be carried out regarding the management of security on the site, including: conducting emergency drills, familiarizing the crew and testing the coupling with the discharge lines. After this period, testing of the gas lines begins at the generation plant, whose process should last between five and seven days approximately.


Source: AN Panama

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