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Panama: Best Place in the World to Live

Posted on 2018-06-06

Panama is among the three best places in the world to live comfortably for foreigners who retire, especially United States. This qualification is included in the 2018 Global Retirement Index, prepared by International Living, a journal dedicated to the publication of valuable information for retirees who require information about places abroad. The report, revealed in May, classifies the cities where you can live healthier and happier and not for so much money.

"It is the best way we know to analyze the wealth of opportunities that the world offers, to bring order and help you identify the best destination for you ", indicated Global Retirement Index.

This year the research and production of the Global Retirement Index involved each member of the International Living team that lives around the five continents and has measurable information. Panama is listed as the third best city in the world to live comfortably, ahead of Costa Rica and Mexico, in the first and second place, respectively.

Panama is described as a "modern, comfortable and tolerant" country. Panama may be famous for its channel, but it is the ease of life that attracts retirees here. 

According to Jessica Ramesch, editor of International Living Panama: "With top-notch internet and cell phone connections, Panama offers a familiar and easy-to-use environment that you may not have expected to find in the warm, sunny tropics." In the index, places like Santa Fe and Coronado are mentioned, such as mountain and beach destinations. Add this report that Panama is a country that adapts to all tastes, from what they want to be in the city or in a farm in a rural town. It is emphasized that for the people who continue to arrive to Panama from the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Russia and beyond, the cost of living remains a great attraction.

According to the Global Retirement Index, depending on where you live in Panama, the type of lifestyle you lead, and if you rent or own your home, a couple can live with only $ 1,000. At the other end of the scale, expats in the most exclusive areas of Panama City say they need at least $ 2,500 a month to live well, especially if they plan to rent, the report said. Panama is safe, stable and friendly."


Source: El Capital Financiero

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