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AMP meets with Recognized Organization of China

Posted on 2018-05-11

The Maritime Authority of Panama met with the Recognized Organization and Classification Society (OR) China Classification Society (also known as CCS) with the purpose of presenting the services provided by the ship registration service.

CCS is among the first companies in its field in the world, holding a great reputation and international prestige founded in 1956. The meeting took place in its offices in Beijing, People's Republic of China and it was present at the Minister for Matters. Marítimos, Jorge Barakat Pitty, in the company of his team. Minister Barakat Pitty was received by the top management of CCS, among whom were his Vice President, MO Jianhui, his Director, Zhou Liwei and the General Director, Cui Yuwei. "This meeting aims to strengthen our cooperation ties and make them aware of the services provided by the Panama Ship Registry, to its clients through the General Consulate of Panama in Shanghai, which added to the important signing of the Agreement of Maritime cooperation with the People's Republic of China will enhance the development of maritime trade, "added Barakat Pitty.

In the Maritime Safety and Marine Environmental Protection Regime a wide variety of actors participate, including qualified entities with high technical criteria in the maritime sector, such as recognized organizations and classification societies. These entities contribute to the verification of safety, protection, respect for the environment, crew, the reduction of occupational risks, and the maintenance of sanitary conditions related to the ship. These Recognized Organizations and Classification Societies must have the proper authorization of the Flag State, which verifies and certifies that they comply, with the international regulations issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) oriented to the safest navigation, clean seas and the facilitation of maritime transport.

Both the Recognized Organizations and Classification Societies are private auxiliary entities duly authorized by the Flag Administrations, in this case, by the Panamanian Maritime Administration, to guarantee compliance with the navigation and maritime safety norms of the merchant marine in name of the Republic of Panama, in accordance with national and international standards. At the end of this important rapprochement, the senior management of CCS requested the Minister Barakat Pitty, who wished to have the authorization of the Maritime Authority of Panama (AMP), to use the electronic certificates as approved by the Facilitation Committee (FAL) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Accompanying Minister Barakat Pitty at the meeting, the General Director of Merchant Marine, Fernando Solórzano, the General Director of People of the Sea, Magdalena Carrera, the Ambassador of Panama to the People's Republic of China, Francisco Carlo Escobar, the Vice Consul, Nehemiah Jaén and the Head of the SEGUMAR Office in Shanghai, Katy Tom.


Source: AN Panama

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