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Panama: Law 85 of 2012

By means of Law 85 of 2012, regulations were introduced regarding corporate spin-offs, mergers and transformations of commercial companies in Panama.  Law 85 provides the legal framework for the demerger or spin-off of companies as a form of business reorganization and also allows the reacti...

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Antitrust Consideration of Mergers or Acquisitions in Panama

A. Introduction Panama enacted for the first time its antitrust legislation in 1996, by means of Law No.29 of February 1, 1996, "whereby antitrust provisions and other measures are taken" (hereinafter "the Antitrust Law"). The Antitrust Law, which al...

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Antitrust Developments Update

A. Investigations, litigation or inquiries from Government Agencies Not many cases have been filed for investigation in connection with competition issues. The most relevant cases filed during the calendar year 2000 were the following: 1. Investigati...

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