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Permanent Residency: Applicants under labor programs

Any applicant hired by a company within the 10% of the Panamanian payroll or 15% (Technicians) will be entitled to opt for a permanent residency status as long as the process is completed.

The migratory process starts by filing an initial temporary residency application at the National immigration Services, which will analyze all the documentation, required for this category and further provide a resolution granting the temporary residency for 2 years. Before the expiration of the 2 years temporary residency, the applicant must file permanent residency application with similar documentation (exceptions: the migratory checks and police record) of what it was filed for the initial application.

The Executive-Decree also states that any applicant with an ongoing application or renewal will be entitled to opt for the permanent residency as long as the applicant has no less than 2 residency renewals.


Lic. Eduardo Achurra

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