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Panama Yacht Charter Regulations

  As of 8 January 2021, the Panama Maritim...

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Panama: Law 50 of 2017

Introduction The registration of titles and mortgages of ships in the Republic of Panama has its origins with Law 63 of 1917, which reformed the Tax Code. As of 1993, the Panama ship registry crossed the threshold as the largest naval registry in the world and...

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Cargo Claims in Panama: General Considerations

Panama's carriage of goods by sea legislation dates from 1916 when the original Code of Commerce was enacted. Since then its carriage of goods chapter has not suffered any amendments. The Republic of Panama, a strategically located country with a historical tradition for being a pas...

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Judicial Sale of Vessels and Other Assets in Panama

Marine related creditors may primarily pursue arrest and seize assets such as vessels cargo, and freight. If by the time the court reaches a decision favorable to a claimant and the defendant has not been able to replace any of the seized properties then the court will have to dispose of the prop...

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Anatomy of an Arrest in Panama

Introduction Panama is one of the most transited maritime routes in the world.  For almost a hundred years, it has been an obliged passage for vessels. Over 14,000 vessels cross the Panama Canal every year. During the last few years, Panama...

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Panama: New Tax Discounts for Fleets

In a move that recognizes both, that other registries are in the market and that there is competition between the more serious registries, Panama approved Law 25 of 3rd June 2002 which modifies and supplement Law 36 of 1995, implementing a package of tax incentives to offer the international ship...

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Interruption of Time Bars in Panama

Maritime related time bars are regulated in Panama by article 1651 of the Commercial Code which establishes that the general statute of limitations for maritime transactions is of one year. This time limitation is applicable to all sorts of claims, be it in personam or in rem claims, with the fol...

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Maritime Industry: Regulations and Amendments

The following amendments have been introduced by the Board of Directors of the Republic of Panama Maritime Authority: 1- Certifications of title of ownership , and of liens and encumbrances are now permitted to be officially issued in the english language . The certification is issued b...

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Panama: Maritime Injunctions

Injunctions Requests before the Panama Maritime Court In Panama, shipping is one of the most important economic engines of the country. The Canal, the State of the Art Container Ports of Balboa, Cristobal, Evergreen and Manzanillo, the expanding multimodal activities an...

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