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Intellectual property (trademarks, copyright, ...

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Panama: Trademarks and Copyrights

In the beginning of the 90's, the Republic of Panama joined with the World Trade Organization. One of the most important requirements required by the international Organization was for Panama to amend and update  its  intellectual property laws. The purpose was the harmonization of ...

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Law 27 of 2015: Intellectual Property Transactions

New rules approved by means of Law 27 of 2015 further regulated by Executive Decree 263 of 2015 impact directly the tax advantages of intellectual property transactions to persons located within Panama. These rules consider taxable income in the Republic of Panama, all income received b...

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Use or Registry: Which guarantees protection of a trademark?

Confusion may arise as to deciding when to register a trademark, when is protection granted or really needed.  Trademarks are registered every day in many countries around the world and many treaties have been signed to extend this protection worldwide.  Nevertheless, the specific time ...

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IP Piracy and Enforcement in Panama

I. Introduction By means of Law No. 23 of July 1997, published in Official Gazette No. 23,340 of July 26, 1997, Panama adopted the Marrakech Protocol, the Panamanian Accession Protocol with its annexes and the Panamanian list of commitments. This law also included new r...

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Panama as an Internet Gaming Jurisdiction

The privatization of the gaming industry in1998, Panama has turned into one of the most successful gaming jurisdictions in the region. The passing of new gaming laws and regulations have provided for security in investments by major international gaming operators and thus, provided fans with the ...

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President exercises Veto to Bill for Criminal Penalties for Violators of IP Law

The previous Legislative Period ended with the approval in Third Debate of a Bill whereby the Criminal, Commercial and Judicial Codes, as well as Laws 15 of 1994 and 35 of 1996, regarding industrial property rights, were to be modified. This initiative to amend the Criminal Code goes in...

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New Law: Criminal Penalties for Violators of IP Law

At the end of June 2003, the Legislative period ended with the approval in Third Debate of a Bill whereby Articles 382, 383, 384 and 389, contained in the Chapter IV to be titled "Crimes against Industrial Property Rights" of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Panama are to be modifie...

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Panama Facts: Patents and Industrial Designs

â–ª The registration and regulation of Patents is provided by Law No. 35 of May 10, 1996, whereby “Provisions regarding Industrial Property are issued”. â–ª To patent an invention in Panama it must be a new invention, be a result of an inventive activity and be subje...

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Industrial Property Legislation Improvements

By means of Law 61 of 2012 Industrial property legislation (patents, trademarks and others) was modified in order to comply with the new international tendency.   Most significant changes The Industrial property office will accept the re...

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