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Changes to existing Immigration Programs and approval of new programs

  The Republic of Panama recently passed new regulations approving changes to the friendly country visa and reforestation programs as well as the introduction of the new Qualified Investor Visa.   Here are the highlights. &n...

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Panama Residency opportunities

Panama is on the VIP List of destinations in the world. The interest of permanent residency in Panama has remained intact for many foreigners during the last decade.    The convenience of investing, business and job opportunities combined with...

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Citizenship by Investment Program

Pardini & Asociados in its continuous purpose of providing greater and better services to our clients is pleased to expand its services to Citizenships programs in several jurisdictions of the Caribbean. These programs are well recognized to comply with the most strict global m...

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New Panama Immigration Regulations: Best Program Ever

By means of Executive-Decree 343 of 2012 has improved the immigration legislation by creating a new Permanent residency category denominated as “Foreign applicants from countries with harmonious professional, friendly, economical and/or investment relations with the Republic of Panama&rdquo...

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Permanent Residency: Applicants under labor programs

Any applicant hired by a company within the 10% of the Panamanian payroll or 15% (Technicians) will be entitled to opt for a permanent residency status as long as the process is completed. The migratory process starts by filing an initial temporary residency application at the National ...

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The Most Unique Foreigner Friendly Laws in the World

One reason for Panama's successful economic growth has been its carefully planned and enlightened laws that are almost unique in the world. These laws welcome foreigners who wish to move to Panama for a second home or retirement, establish a business or make investments. There are a...

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Foreign Professionals: New Permanent Residency Category

By means of Executive-Decree No. 804 of 2012 a new migratory category has been created allowing applicants from any country with a College, University, Master or Doctorate degree to apply for a permanent residence in the Republic of Panama. Highlights of new category...

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New Residency Program: More Nationalities

By means of Executive-Decree No. 806 of 2012 the government modifies Executive-Decree 343 of 2012 and Executive-Decree No. 416 of 2012 by increasing and unifying the list of countries that can apply for permanent residency in accordance to the immigration residency program of “Forei...

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