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Getting the Deal Through - Private Client - Panama Chapter 2019

PANAMA Private Client 2019 Juan F Pardini, Eduardo Achurra and Juan R Sevillano Pardini & Asociados   Pardini & Asociados is delighted to be part of the seventh edition of Private Client, 2019 of...

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Company Stock Registration in favor of Minors

The purpose of this article is to determine the legality of the transferring or assign of the ownership of registered shares in favor of a minor. Thus we will provide a brief review of the current Panamanian legislation.    We must start from the fact that ...

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Panama amends its Trust Law

Law N°1 of 1984 was at the time of its enactment one of the most innovative laws for wealth planning in Latin America. Prior to Law 1, Panama had already enacted in 1925 the first trust Law in Latin America. Law N°1 has been recently amended by means of Law 21 of 2...

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International Succession Laws - Panama

Pardini & Asociados is proud to announce that the law firm has contributed to the Panama chapter of the International Succession Laws book in collaboration with the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and Bloomsbury Professional. The article was written by Dr. Juan Francisco Pa...

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Panama: Law 52 of 2016

ACCOUNTING RECORDS All companies especially those whose operations are not carried from the Republic of Panama are required to maintain accounting records and all supporting documentation. The accounting records are to be maintained for a period of no less tha...

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The Forgotten Trust

Juan F Pardini details the advantages of the Panama trust In these times of uncertainty about the future of certain centres, Panama is coming back as a jurisdiction of choice.  Moreover, Panama has been recently awarded 'Investment Grade&...

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Family Offices

Introduction China and India might still look as the flag holders on top of the BRICS; yet it is these two emerging superpowers that initially gave Singapore its allure, but a change of tides, led by the resurgence of commodity markets, has placed the spotlight on Latin...

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Panama Limited Liability Companies

Panama enacted a new Law 4 of 2009 regulating Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), replacing legislation on the subject dating back to 1966. Highlights LLCs can engage in any lawful activity in the world. An LLC must be incorporated by at lea...

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