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Real Estate Investment Companies (REITs)

We should begin by understanding the kind of company that the wording of Law 8 of 2010, as amended by law 114 of 2013 and regulated by Executive Decree 199 of 2014, are referring to, according to the conditions to be met: Inc...

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Public Land and Private Ownership in Panama

By means of  Court Judgment dated December 23, 2013, issued by the Panamanian Supreme Court of Justice, it was declared unconstitutional the phrase “given in concession” of Numeral 3 of Article 2 of Law 31 of June 18, 2010, which creates the Horizontal Property Regime that could ...

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Withdrawal of the Bill that Modify the Appraisal of Properties in Panama

It is not a secret that Panama has been experiencing a real estate boom. Some others disagree with this “boom” qualification, because that phenomenon is distinguished by an abnormal growth of the real estate market, producing an increase in values which upon ending of the cycle proper...

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Good Reasons to Purchase Property in Panama

Since 2006 the average price was $1780 to 2008 the average price is $2890 per square meter giving a 25% increase in price per year. Rental demand continue to increase. Hotels have an 80% occupancy levels and room fees have nearly doubled in the past few years. Shorta...

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Panama: Purchasing Property

When someone is planning to retire in a tropical paradise like Panama, owning a home, investing in land for reforestation, acquiring a beach-front property are only some of the reasons why it is important to learn the rules about purchasing property in the Republic of Panama. No matter ...

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Real Estate Buyer Rights: Recent Developments 2009

Today, Panama is one of the world's top retirement destinations as well as a world class tourist location. Many buyers acquired pre sale apartments in Panama City because of its skyline reminiscence of Manhattan or Singapore: the high rise buildings facing th...

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Estate Planning in Panama

Since 2006 the Republic of Panama has been experiencing a fast growth in different types of investments. Particularly, in the property market, this “Boom”, driven by the interaction of buyers and sellers in real estate transactions in Panama City, the beaches, islands and mountains ha...

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Court of Appeals in Favor of Real Estate Investors

According to the Third Court of Appeals decision dated November 27, 2007, all property purchase and sale agreements must follow new rules in regards of the conditions agreed between developers and buyers, affecting all new property sellers and buyers from what is called Abusive Conditions. ...

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