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Legal Framework for LNG in PANAMA

Highlights The Panama Canal expansion was completed and opened on June 26, 2016. On October 1, 2018, a new milestone was reached with the crossing of four LNG ships in the same day through the Panama Canal. With the modifications to the operations of the canal from that...

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Update on Petroleum Free Zones

Introduction The Petroleum Free Zone concept is inherent to Panama's historical condition as an international commercial, maritime and trade center due to its strategic geographical position. The free zone is mainly an area within which all transactions are tax free...

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Panama: Petroleum Free Zones

When the original Petroleum Free Zones legislation was passed back in 1992, we said that Panama was poised to become a major oil and downstream products redistribution centre for two main reasons: one is the existence of the Panama Canal creating a natural bunkering market as well as a transshipm...

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Panama Oil Exploration: Some Considerations

1. INTRODUCTION Oil companies started exploring certain regions of Panama since 1917. Some of them were the Royal Dutch Shell Company. British Controlled Oil Fields Ltd., Gulf Oil Company, the Texas Company, Cities Service Company and Sinclair Oil Corporation. Explorations and...

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