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 Aircraft Foreign Repair Station (FRS)

The Panama´s Civil Aviation regulation provide the legal framework for aircraft foreign repairs station (FRS) in Panama.
Book XVIII as amended by CAA Board of Directors Resolution No. 13 of March 16, 2018 states the list of the technical requirements that must be met by an FRS, which includes topics such as the maintenance facilities, preventive maintenance service, repair and alteration of aircraft, aircraft structures, aircraft engines, propellers, instruments, computer systems, radios , accessories, systems and components and the performance of specialized services.
It is quite important to inform that the term aircraft repair station concurs with the certificate issued by the United States FAA under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 145 and is engaged in the maintenance, inspection, and alteration of aircraft and aircraft products. 
CAA Registration Process
  1. An initial approach meeting must be coordinated between the FRS lawyer in Panama, the Panamanian customer requiring the assistance of an FRS and the CAA inspectors in order to assess the need for requiring the assistance of the FRS in accordance to the Panamanian customer list of equipment’s and the FRS expertise.
  2. Once the initial assessment of CAA is completed and the specific needs of the Panamanian client are identified, then the FRS must start gathering the relevant information of its facility including all the regulating licenses and manuals such as the Air Agency Certificate, Operations Specifications, CAA evaluation forms among others. 
  3. Upon the presentation of documents before the CAA, a formal inspection request shall be coordinated for CAA inspectors to perform an extensive audit of FRS facilities with the intention of verifying that all the declarations stated on the documentation concur with the facilities conditions of the FRS.
  4. Once the inspection is completed, the CAA inspectors will provide an immediate report of topics that should be clarified, amend or changed. 
  5. The final stage of the process will be the issuance by CAA of an administrative resolution authorizing the registration of the Aircraft Foreign Repair Station as well as the certificate of operation. 
Highlights of the Process
  1. The process of FRS licensing can be processed remotely with the assistance of our law firm giving as a result an expedite cost effective process. 
  2. The FRS registration process is acknowledged as very fast in comparison to other jurisdictions.
  3. The cost of inspection and licensing shall be covered by the FRS.
  4. The approval of the FRS license will be specifically to the aircraft, aircraft structures, aircraft engines, propellers, instruments, computer systems, radios, accessories that the Panamanian customer has demanded as their specific needs of assistance from the FRS. Nevertheless, the license can be subject to changes and improvement upon the needs of the Panamanian customer. 
  5. The FRS license is granted for 24 months.
Eduardo Achurra
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