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Foreign Professionals: New Permanent Residency Category

By means of Executive-Decree No. 804 of 2012 a new migratory category has been created allowing applicants from any country with a College, University, Master or Doctorate degree to apply for a permanent residence in the Republic of Panama.

Highlights of new category

  • It is open for applicants of any country
  • It allows applicants to work
  • The application will initially grant a two year temporary residency and further the option of applying for a permanent residency application.
  • This migratory category is restricted for applicants with professions prohibited for foreigners*

*Restricted Professions


Engineering and Architecture

Agricultural Sciences






Medical Assistant



Laboratory technician 

Public Relations

Therapists and speech therapy


Social workers



Medical Radiologist


Dental assistant




Hairdressing and Cosmetology


Main Requirements

In addition to the common documentation such as the power of attorney, passport size pictures, sworn declaration, migratory fees, certificate of birth (when applicant has children), police record (for all legal age members), certificate of marriage (when applicant has spouse), applicant must provide the following documents:

  1. A photocopy of the college, university and master or doctorate degree duly legalized by the nearest Panamanian consulate or by “apostille” stamp.

For the permanent residency application the applicant must provide some of the documents filed in the main application; a national good standing certificate (Paz y Salvo Nacional) issued by the Tax office and a certification issued by the Social security office showing the applicant has continuously paid its premium for the last 9 months.

Work Permit

The government hasn’t established yet the requirements for the procurement of the Work Permit in regards to this program; nevertheless we are confident 


Lic. Eduardo Achurra


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