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Panama: Judicial Auctions

Since 1917, the Panamanian Judicial Code has recognized Judicial Auctions as a way for plaintiffs to execute their credits and recover the funds owed. By initiating a judicial process called “Executive Process”, in which there are no disputes over the facts and applicable right...

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Precautionary Measures in Panama for a Foreign Arbitration Process

According to Panama Arbitration Law, the rules established on itself will only apply to Arbitrations handled at Panama Arbitration Courts. Nonetheless it has an exception which comprehends a few articles that will also apply to cases that are or will be handled at a foreign Arbitration Court....

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Arbitration in Panama

Panama’s geographic location, international banking center, flexible corporate regime, and its Canal, are what make this country interesting for foreign and domestic investors. These investors need fast and effective mechanisms to solve any controversies that may arise due to their business...

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